Tuesday, 2016, May 17 - 13:08

An industry lobbyist group urged Saturday the government to rehabilitate all people involved with the leather sector, not just owners.The coordination committee for leather industry-related associations also demanded "immediate" land allotment for non-owners at the Savar leather estate alongside the owners.Source: The Financial Express.

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Posted : 01 May, 2016        

Tuesday, 2016, May 17 - 13:03

The price of beef has started increasing ahead of the holy month of Ramadan which traders attribute to the hike in animal prices due to sharp decline in import from India. According to the Bangladesh Rawhide Merchants Association and Tanners Association of Bangladesh, nearly 15 million cattle are slaughtered in the country annually of which 10 million are cows.Bangladesh imports some 3.0-3.5 million Indian cows annually but the import fell to just 2.0 million last year, according to the two leather-related associations.Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) secretary Humayun Kabir Bhuiyan said prices of essentials, especially those that have demand in the holy month of Ramadan, have increased significantly in last one month.He said many traders are raising prices much earlier to avoid blames.Source: The Financial Express. For more information: : 06 May, 2016

Tuesday, 2016, May 17 - 12:46

Bangladesh will promote more trade and investment with Asean and Thailand in particular, banking on momentum from the first-ever "Bangladesh Trade and Investment Expo" to be held in Bangkok from May 30 to June 1. At the expo, Bangladesh will present its special economic zones and bring members of the Board of Investment and the Board of Export

Promotion to woo investors from Thailand

Source: The Financial Express.

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Posted : 07 May, 2016

Tuesday, 2016, May 17 - 12:44

Eastern Bank Limited (EBL) has signed an agreement with SME Foundation to receive Tk 50 million (5.0 crore).The objective of this programme is to ensure the access to credits for the eligible and potential micro and small entrepreneurs of Leather Tanning, Footwear Production and Leather Products.

Source: The Financial Express.

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Posted : 08 May, 2016

Tuesday, 2016, May 17 - 12:28

Following the historic adoption of the new Sustainable Development Agenda in which sustainable consumption and production (SCP) has become one of its 17 global goals, the SWITCH-Asia Network Facility hosted a webinar on October 8th on the topic.

Firsthand insights on possible developments following the adoption of SCP into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were presented by two speakers: Mr. Charles Arden-Clarke, Acting Head of the 10YFP Secretariat of UNEP, and Mr. Lewis Akenji, Senior Policy Fellow of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES).

Source: Kartika Anggraeni, Patrick Schröder, SWITCH-Asia Network Facility. For more information:

Tuesday, 2016, May 17 - 12:25

Promoting knowledge transfer is at the heart of all SWITCH-Asia projects. Training and capacity building on SCP are a built-in element of each and every project. By providing training to SMEs managers, retailers and also consumers, the knowledge of SCP can be strategically handed over to all actors in the value chains.During the SWITCH-Asia networking event (4-6 November 2015) in New Delhi, India, the importance of promoting SCP education through training and skill transfers was highlighted. Mr. Jean Marc Castejon from the EU Skills Development Project, India, opened the discussion with an introduction about the three dimensions of the EU's skill development system. It consists of a strategic dimension (advocacy, partnership, coordination), a systemic dimension (arrangement, government, funding, quality assurance), and of service delivery by a diversity of organisations involving both state and non-state actors).

Source: SWITCH-Asia Network Facility. For more information:

13.10.2015 • Category: SWITCH-Asia Network Facility

Tuesday, 2016, May 17 - 12:23

At the SWITCH-Asia Networking Event in New Delhi, India, (4-6 November 2015), Mr. Charles Arden-Clarke, Head of the 10 Year Framework of Programme (10YFP) on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), set the tone of discussion against the context of the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He detailed the target #12.1 on the implementation of the 10YFP, and reviewed its six programme areas: sustainable food systems, sustainable public procurement, consumer information, sustainable lifestyles and education, sustainable buildings and construction, and sustainable tourism.

In his presentation, Mr. Arden-Clarke highlighted the importance and potential benefits of mainstreaming SCP transversally across governance in countries, as SCP is an issue that requires governments' participation. Equally SCP within the SDGs is transversal across 13 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Source: SWITCH-Asia NPSC Thailand.  For more information:

04.12.2015 • Category: SWITCH-Asia Network Facility

Tuesday, 2016, May 17 - 12:14

During the IMM Cologne Fair (18-24 January 2016) and a subsequent business dialogue (26 January 2016), the SWITCH-Asia project Prospect Indonesia introduced to European visitors and craft experts five SMEs that are participating in the project, along with their 40 eco-friendly rattan products. This EU-funded project has been working with rattan farmers and SMEs since 2013, promoting eco-friendly rattan products made in Indonesia. Under the motto "Rattan for Life", PROSPECT Indonesia strengthens the rattan industry by emphasising the eco-friendly nature of rattan, providing technical assistance and trainings to SMEs as well as working with policy-makers.

Source: SWITCH-Asia Network Facility

Author: Kartika Anggraeni (SWITCH-Asia Network Facility). For more information:

Tuesday, 2015, March 10 - 09:41

Pakistan, India and Bangladesh can become indispensable in the leather sector if they join hands, said Muhammad Rafeeque Ahmad, chairman of India Council of Leather Exports on Saturday. The three states have the biggest wealth of leather raw material and manufactured products, he stated.

Source:, 8th March 2015

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Sunday, 2015, March 8 - 09:15

The deadline for the relocation of tanneries to Savar is just over three months away, but most of the factory owners appear to have taken no serious preparations to do so. In spite of the government's repeated appeals, promises to offer infrastructural benefits and incentives, they remain nonchalant. It seems the tanners are waiting for another extension of the deadline.

Source: The financial Express, 7th March 2015

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Tuesday, 2015, March 3 - 09:13

The SWITCH-Asia Network Facility intends to organise a SWITCH-Asia exhibition Pavilion during the International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition and Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (IGEM), 9-12 September 2015.This novel SWITCH-Asia event format will showcase up to 10 SME best practices towards sustainability and achievements in resource efficiency of products, processes and services, developed or implemented by Asian small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) affiliated with SWITCH-Asia Grant Projects and Policy Support Components (PSC).

Source: SWITCH-Asia Network Facility, 2nd March 2015

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Friday, 2015, February 27 - 09:11

For 2015, new research cooperation opportunities on enabling SME finance in Asia are available with the SWITCH-Asia Network Facility. The countries to be covered by this year's publications are the large economies of China and India, plus the three South East Asian countries Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Source  Category: SWITCH-Asia Network Facility 24th February 2015

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Wednesday, 2015, February 25 - 18:28

The Bangladeshi Commerce Secretary Hedayetullah Al Mamoon said the government is planning to pay effort to diversify leather sector to catch international market considering that single product dependency vulnerable. "The leather sector is likely to be second largest sector to earn foreign currencies," he said while inaugurating Intertek Leather and Footwear Laboratory, the first ever leather goods testing lab in the country. Bangladesh is among the five countries that have such highly equipped testing laboratories, he said, adding, it will expedite the country's leather sector.


Established in June last year, the UK based product testing agency has opened leather and footwear laboratory in Dhaka which is hopefully help Bangladeshi exporters to export internationally standard leather goods. Engineer M Abu Taher, Chairman of Bangladesh Finished Leather, Leatheroods, and Footwear Exporters Association and Sayed Nasim Manzur, President Leathergoods and Footwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association addressed the function as special guests.


Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS), 22nd January 2015

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Tuesday, 2015, February 17 - 08:40

No more compensation will be provided to tannery owners for relocating their factories from Hazaribagh area in the capital to Tannery Industrial Estate in Savar, said a parliamentary watchdog chief. “The government has provided many facilities and opportunities to tannery owners. They should relocate factories as soon as possible now to save people from pollution,” said Dr Md Abdur Razzaque, chairman of parliamentary standing committee on finance ministry.

Dr Razzaque said the tannery owners were given Tk250 crore as compensation, land, gas, electricity and other necessary facilities including roads. He urged the tannery owners to shift their factories to Savar for the sake of people and environment, but the tannery owners said they won’t be able to relocate within March deadline. “The government gave us Tk250 crore in response to our Tk1,000 crore demand as compensation. But this is not sufficient,” said Shahin Ahmed, president of Bangladesh Tannery Owners’ Association. He said most of the owners had not enough fund to relocate factories in a short time. Dr Razzaque admitted the necessity of low-interest loans for the owners.

Source: Dhaka Tribune, 27th January 2015

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Tuesday, 2014, December 2 - 18:07

More than 250 officials from Asian governments, experts, and representatives of international organizations, civil society groups, and businesses met in the Indonesian city on November 11-13 to identify policies and discuss actions for achieving economic growth, job creation, and other priority goals of countries in Asia through a low-carbon, green growth approach.

Participants discussed how smart 'green' policy and investment choices for cities, land use and energy can reduce poverty, make urban areas more economically competitive and socially inclusive, increase industrial and agricultural productivity, protect natural environments and strengthen energy security.

Source: The Asia LEDS Partnership, 25th November 2014 ·Additional Information:

Thursday, 2014, June 5 - 12:26

Dhaka, 8th – 11th June


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