Sustainable Leather Alternatives For Fashion Industry – WTVox Top 5

VT VOX - Sustainable Leather Alternatives. While the use of animal skin as raw material for garments and clothes goes back to prehistoric times, modern fashion brands have to use more eco-friendly and animal-friendly alternatives as their new raw materials. The manufacturing of animal-derived leather creates enormous carbon footprints given the number of natural resources required to raise livestock. Moreover, processing leather requires toxic chemicals known to have negative health consequences to people either via skin-to-fabric contact or digestion of goods grown in polluted environments.

Finally, there is a growing trend against animal-based goods given the consumers’ increasing exposure to brands’ unethical practices making leather not only undesirable but also scarcer and more expensive. This trend impacts classic manufacturers, traditional fashion designers, and brands with well established supply chains. In the past alternatives to leather such as plastic-based textiles (made from polyurethane and called ‘pleather’) and synthetic textiles proved expensive to produce and were not entirely non-toxic or eco-friendly. Also, the material properties were not as good as leather, thus perceived by consumers ‘cheaper’ alternatives.

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